29 November 2013

Facebook status update.

Today I promised myself I would stay away from facebook. It's only 11:02 a.m. and I can safely say I am adhering to my intrinsic desire to keep my distance. Thus far, I have only been on the site a total of four or five times. There is some really shady ish going on at times on this site. For starters, I got this very strange friend request the other day when I was using my Kindle Fire and accepted it, yet the person didn't appear on my friends list. I keep seeing the person's profile over and over, but am still unsure as to what that was about since the friend request came through but when I accepted, he didn't appear on my list of friends.

Then I went on a family member's account (with his permission of course) to see what my profile looked like from an outsider's perspective. When I logged back into my account, there was a friend's request from the family member's account, even though I had been on that account moments prior and did not send the request. When I went back to check the activity log of the family member's page, there was no indication of any friend request having been sent. Very weird. This got me thinking, what if random friend requests are being sent to those profiles I've looked into regularly? This idea made me panic a bit inside, but I realize if it's happening, it's out of my control, so there's no sense in worrying about it. I just reallllllly reallly hope the guy at work whose site I've checked a few too many times has not received any notifications pertaining to my page. How embarrassing would that be? Oh well, again, I can't worry about this stuff.

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