08 November 2013

Day 5 of coffee detox.

Today has been going very well with regard to cravings. I only craved coffee once today, when I smelled coffee on someone's breath. That was it. I'm mostly feeling the effects of the second thyrogen injection I received this afternoon. It makes me feel really tired. I'm not experiencing nausea right now, but I just don't feel well. It makes me feel sick, just a general sense of unwellness. I feel like lying down but I feel like writing more, so that's why I decided to come on here and share some of my thoughts. I'm a little restless, yet so worn out at the same time. I'm just really glad I made it through the second injection and it's over and done with, and now I'll just be eager to get the results of my blood work on Monday. Other than that, I am trying to take it easy today. There are a few deadline driven items I must attend to, but having had a rough past two days, I need to give myself at least today to decompress to the fullest extent. No bill paying, no searching for a new place to live, nothing that is too taxing. Just relaxing.

Of note, today is actually the third day being off gluten. I feel like I'm accomplishing a lot this week, or at least, it feels like a lot is going on, in a productive way. I'm all about making healthy changes in advance of the New Year. I'm giving up gluten because not only does Celiac disease run in my family, but I have some symptoms (rashy face and some bumps on my chest area as well as anxiety), that I think could be exacerbated, if not caused, by ingesting gluten, and I hope to rule out it's contribution, after taking a break off gluten for a few weeks. The only challenge thus far has been watching out for cross contamination, particular with the toaster and peanut butter. Thus far, I don't have any complaints about it being difficult. It actually feels good to know it could manifest some positive changes. I'm excited to see what the future brings, with my 'pre-New Year' resolutions to exclude caffeine and gluten from my diet. The last glutenous food product I consumed was pizza on Thursday, and I wrote previously about how I woke up with the area around my eyes being noticeably affected (Not sure if I blogged about this or just wrote about it in my journal), but in essence, I awoke to these deep circles beneath my eyes and my face just looked a bit inflamed and irritated. It also caused some digestive issues. Oddly (or coincidentally), my stomach has been doing worlds better without the gluten, even in only three days. That's not to say I don't feel nauseous from the thyrogen, but aside from that, my stomach bloating has dissipated significantly and I'm not noticing the weird gurgling sounds I've heard in the past after consuming gluten-containing foods.

However, the other change (yes, another!) that could be a contributing (positive) factor to my better digestion is the fact that I have been watching my food combinations. That's not to say that I always adhere to the proper food combining standards (ie. starches and veggies, proteins and veggies, but no starches and proteins and no fruits combined with either starches or proteins), but I'm paying more attention and trying to do my best. Every little bit helps.

Anyway, so that's my progress so far in a nutshell in terms of coffee detoxing, thyrogen, gluten-free eating, and food combining. Now for a bit of down time and peace...<3

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