06 November 2013

Day 2 of coffee detox.

Yesterday was my second day off coffee, and all caffeine for that matter. An eye twitch manifested itself and I still felt tired and unmotivated, but there was no brutal headache or an absolute need to go to bed early, which I had the first day. However, I still felt tired and could have used a bit more rest, but I decided to stay up a bit longer than expected last night. One thing I have noticed is that my anxiety seems to have worsened a bit, which is rather unpleasant, especially when I am at work and wound tight as ever with my heart beating all out of whack. It has been difficult focusing and I feel restless overall during the day. However, I have been falling asleep much more easily and dreaming! It's been quite some time since I have dreamed. I am pretty sure coffee is the culprit for my lack of dreams as I had a very vivid series of dreams last night as well as the night before. Also, I have not been awakening in the middle of the night, say 3 a.m. or 4 a.m. which is of benefit to not have to stress about not getting sufficient sleep. I have been merely waking up a half and hour or so before my alarm goes off, which is nothing major and not nearly as bothersome as the tossing and turning in the middle of the night.

Aside from giving up coffee, I have also given up dairy and gluten; that is, until yesterday when I needed something...something to help me make it through this detox period. While caffeine is totally off limits and I refuse to go there because I have gone back and forth so many times and given in to the point of madness and I really want to give it up for a decent time period to see how I feel when I'm off it for a while, I decided giving into the dairy and gluten fix for a day would not be the end of the world. For me, dairy and gluten are not nearly as addictive as my coffee. A few days ago, I decided I would not have my usual Tuesday pizza but all bets were off after a grueling work day, and I could not resist temptation. While it felt good going down, it ended up not being such a great idea, as my stomach was gurgling and making all sorts of weird noises (as is the case when I ingest something that is unacceptable to my digestive system) and I became bloated. Today (Day 3), I woke up to facial flushing and huge circles under my eyes. Therefore, I think it is clear I have some sort of sensitivity to gluten and/or dairy and will be refraining from items containing same. The other tidbit I wanted to add is the fact that yesterday as a snack, I had some corn chips and mango salsa and noticed my lips became inflamed as I was eating these foods, so I am wondering if it is the corn that could be another item I do not digest well.

I am definitely enjoying the fact that eliminating coffee has made me want to revamp my entire diet, so as to clear out any toxins, or anything that is of detriment to my immune system. So starts day 3 of the caffeine detox and back on the gluten free train... will see how it goes. To report back later.

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