04 November 2013

Day 1 of coffee detox.

The migraine is setting in right now. Okay, maybe it's not quite a migraine, but it is a pretty intense headache at this point. Today, I felt really out of it. I was lethargic and had difficulty concentrating at work, and was not motivated to do much. Aside from feeling tired, I also had an ever so slight headache. This has seemed to intensify within the last hour or so. It will likely not dissipate until tomorrow. I am pretty sure sitting in front of this brightly lit monitor is not doing me any favors, but I would be doing myself a disservice if I were not to document my journey through the withdrawal period and beyond, because I am determined to make it this time and think it will benefit me to be able to reflect upon my successes in making it through each day. My appetite returned with a vengeance today. I basically inhaled my lunch, that's how ravenous I was. I had oatmeal and a banana for breakfast. For dinner, I had chicken soup, followed by popcorn coated in olive oil and salt as a snack. Lunch was a lentil dish poured over basmati rice. Finally, I had blue corn chips with mango salsa as a treat to top off the night. My main focus this week will be to take care of myself and give my body what it needs, so rest it will be for the remainder of tonight. I'm about to take a warm shower to decompress and then maybe I'll continue to plot my novel. The one facet of my routine I have been neglecting these past few days has been meditation, so I need to definitely carve out some time for that, if not tonight, tomorrow for sure, even if just for fifteen minutes.

Side note: The one difference between my perusing the internet tonight versus the other night, is that I am not focusing on finding solutions to those questions in my mind but rather am going online for entertainment purposes. More on why this is good for me, later.

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