21 December 2011

More veggie meals, please

Tonight, I had a delectable dinner. It was vegetarian-based, required very few ingredients, and better yet, very little prep time. When I get home from work, the last thing I need to do is to create more work for myself. Easy-peasy is my mantra when it comes to making dinner. Furthermore, I strive to maximize my "free" time to the fullest extent, so conjuring up quick, no-frills platters is a top priority.

The dish I whipped up within minutes tonight, consisted of the following ingredients:

- Bell peppers
- Mushrooms
- Garlic
- Quinoa
- Black beans
- Soy sauce (I used liquid aminos)
- Extra virgin olive oil
- Water

The above ingredients were combined on the stove-top and within a few minutes, my meal was fully cooked. So simple and so good, and surprisingly filling. Next time, I'll take pictures. It was much too long a day today, and I was much too famished (I know, excuses, excuses, haha) to run to the other room and grab my camera. However, this definitely won't be the last time I make this, so stay tuned for the colorful photos to be posted at a later date. For those who give this meal idea a go, please let me know how it turns out. I am sure your palate will not be disappointed!

If anyone has veggie-laden quick 'n easy dinner ideas to share, please do. Why veggie-laden, you ask? I am looking to scale back on my meat consumption due to personal values and interests. My affinity for animals coupled with my desire to optimize my health are the primary reasons. For non-vegetarians out there like me, if you take a few moments to reflect on how much meat you eat throughout the week, you might be surprised; not in a pleasant way, that is. While I think meat is a crucial source of protein and other nutrients, moderation is most likely prudent. I am not a doctor or nutritionist, so I do not really what specific quantity of meat is truly safe to consume. However, I am very interested in finding out. If anyone out there has any insight to my meat-eating dilemma, please enlighten me.