11 April 2015

Sometimes we need a break. A break from writing, a break from online dating, hell.. a break from being caffeine-free. The fact of the matter is, sometimes in life, we need a break from everything, even things from which we're taking a break. Say what? Caffeine is what I'm talkin 'bout, on the real.

It's been a real rough past few months. Reallllllllllll rough. Yet, I've made it through, in one piece! Shocking. Quite shocking.

My life has done a complete 180 from last year. Let's see, I went ~8 months without coffee (quite a stretch for me), I fell in love (sorta), fell out of love (sorta), continued forward in my current job, applied to several other jobs (most recently), expanded my social network, drank a lot more wine than I ever have in my life, lapsed back into caffeine addiction, went to NYC with my best friend to see one of my fav singers in concert (J-dubz), and...have finally come to the realization that I need to love myself more, so as to stop attracting people into my life who make things harder for me.

Did I mention I joined a gym? Went gluten-free? Met some pretty damn cool arse people both in and out of work? Basically, a whole lotta ish has been happening, and I can see things more clearly now.... things are finally on the upswing.

This winter, my world seemingly came crashing down, and I fell into a realllllllllllly bad slump. Yet, I forced myself--yes, forced myself, to snap out of my funk, and get well.

Sometimes you need to push yourself to get away from things that are bringing you down, and making you feel worse.

Hence, why I have deleted my two online dating profiles.

I'm taking a break from online dating. Oh, and starting reallllllllllly soon, I'm quitting caffeine again. Realllllllllllll soon, I swear.

And, I'm listening to what makes me tick. What feels good, what doesn't, what feels realllllllllly bad. I'm listening to my body and my heart, and figuring things out, because I'm about to be 30, and ish is about to get more real than ever.


Hope this gives inspiration to someone, someone out there.

Whether you're broken-hearted and/or just broken, it can and WILL get better.

A gentle nudge from yourself can work wonders though...