10 November 2013

Day 7 of coffee detox.

I can't believe it's day 7. I can't recall the last time I made it this far into withdrawing completely from coffee. They say it takes 14 days to quit a habit, so I'm halfway there, but it feels as though I'm further along, as coffee has become an afterthought at this point. I guess it's given what I've been through this week, with the thyrogen. It's taken the focus off coffee. The craving seems to only hit when I'm near someone drinking coffee and I catch a waft of the aroma. However, I don't feel the compulsion to indulge. It's more of a passing fancy, like 'ohh I would really like some,' but upon further thought, I realize I don't need it. In fact, I quite like how I feel without it. I am much more calm and nowhere near as easily agitated.

I went out yesterday, briefly, to a meetup group in which the topic was numerology, and I did converse a bit with those seated at my table, and the difference between how I felt at this month's meeting compared to the last was rather pronounced. Last month, I recall being more irritable, not being in the mood to talk, and feeling tempted to leave in the middle of the discussion. While my feelings were in part due to the manner in which the topic was presented and also the fact that I felt the speaker seemed to me to be pushing her political views, I also attributed my negative feelings to the after-effects of having had my morning coffee. You see, thinking back to even a week ago, I can recall feeling a surge of happiness that would last until the last sip, yet feeling incredibly crappy even just an hour afterward, and this feeling would persist the remainder of the day, and on top of feeling just a general sense of crappiness, I would also be more on edge. To me, it's not worth the momentary happiness to then suffer the side-effects.

The number of ill-effects far outweigh the good, at least for me, as I am so sensitive to caffeine. It doesn't help that I have had thyca and take synthroid. I have noticed an increase to my already delicate sensitivity to caffeine, since having had my thyroid removed and having been put on synthroid. As I have stated in previous posts, it's not just limited to coffee, these effects. It's chocolate too. Chocolate gives me heart palps and revvs me up to the point of discomfort. As far as sleeping hygiene during this detox period, I have noticed a great improvement, particularly in terms of dreaming again, not waking up in the middle of the night, and falling asleep much more quickly. I'm just glad I have made it an entire week without caving, but I know it's because I'm focused on the end result and know it's better for my well being. Here's to the upcoming 7 days. I'm excited to keep it going.

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