16 November 2013

12th day of detox.

Yesterday was my 12th day off caffeine and 10th day off gluten. Throughout the day, I still had the desire to go to Wawa, but resisted doing so. I had a mini breakdown session at lunch, as I was feeling emotional about unrequited feelings and other elements of work, yet the day ended on a good note. In the late afternoon, I enjoyed chatting with a bunch of coworkers. You could tell Friday was in the air and everyone was gearing up for weekend mode. At about 5 p.m., I was ready to hit the road. On the way home, I reflected a bit on my feelings before jamming to some more Chaka. Then I went to Wegmans and loaded up on several gluten-free items so I would be able to make it through the first full two weeks.

It's not my preference to eat many pre-packaged gluten-free items as I would much prefer to eat whole foods that merely do not contain gluten in their natural state, like rice, sweet potatoes, nuts, fruits, veggies, etc. However, for the longest time, I have wanted to test out GF pizza. So I purchased some GF pizza, GF flour (for pancake making), some lime corn chips, a box of Mary's Gone Crackers, and maple syrup. The GF pizza, which I ended up having for dinner last night was not so good, and by that I mean it was terrible. Oh well, it was worth a try. The fact that it contained skim milk should have been my first clue that it would not sit well with me. The lime corn chips were not so hot either. We shall see what happens with the pancakes.

As far as my coffee addiction, I have been good in that department. I have continued to take a few whiffs every now and again, as it makes me feel good to just smell it, even if I don't fully indulge in the caffeine experience. My energy levels are returning as I feel much more awake in the morning and my moods are much more stable throughout the day.

I cannot attribute my feelings of betterment completely to the lack of gluten and caffeine, however, as I feel meditation has also been a key component to improving my sense of wellness. This past week, I have been slacking in my mediation practice, but yesterday and the day before I meditated and felt much better for doing so. I notice on the days in which I meditate, I have more of an inherent sense of optimism that I'm lacking when I don't. Sometimes, I become so preoccupied with other aspects of my life that I put meditation on the back burner, and the negative voices in my mind seem to take hold. So I guess one could say this 'detox' period is about more than just eliminating caffeine and gluten. It's about healing all around, and I've experienced how meditation plays a major role in this effort. This makes me more motivated to make it a priority, having seen how it benefits me on the whole. Of course, I have my ebbs and flows, which is normal. There are times I don't want to do it, and I don't force it upon myself at all times. I feel like with meditation, you have to be flexible and go with the flow, just as with all aspects of life, including this entire detox journey.

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