06 November 2013

Day 3 of coffee detox.

Today was officially the third day of my coffee detox. It was another rather rough day, anxiety-wise. I thought the sweaty palms were long gone until I started wondering where they went and not long after I had sweaty palms. Is that not how it works? All is well and good, but if you fear something will occur, it rears its ugly head. Headache-wise, however, all was good, thank God. I still feel a bit foggy and just not completely myself, as in, my body is in a bit of shock wondering where in the heck the caffeine is. I have been noticing some strange tingling sensations in my face. Sometimes, I'll feel it in my nose or my chin or cheeks. It comes and goes, this sensation.

Another difference I noticed today is how my laughter has been affected by caffeine. Now, I actually feel it from deep within, as in, it's coming from a place of calm rather than a caffeinated high and I am able to fully experience it.

It's currently getting a bit late and I am feeling rather drowsy. Tonight after work, I went out and purchased several gluten free items to get me back on track in that regard, since the goal is not just to quit caffeine but rather to improve my all around health. Just to give a run down on my eats from today, I had a banana to start the day followed by oatmeal covered in cinnamon. For lunch I had an evol teriyaki chicken dish and for dinner I had chicken soup and a separate chicken breast on the side. As a snack I had an entire box of gluten free soft baked cookies and an open face avocado sandwich on gluten free bread.

The restlessness I have been experiencing still persists and I notice it most when I am talking to others. I seem to want to interject every second and railroad over the other person. It's rather unsettling, this feeling and I hope it soon passes and is part of the coffee withdrawal. It is after all, only day three, so I should not be so hard on myself. As far as coffee cravings, today I did not really have any intense desire to have any. The only craving I had was when I went food shopping and came across several chocolate chip cookie options and wavered a bit on whether or not I should buy a package and if it would even be healthy not to treat myself to chocolate during my period. I feel like it's a necessity, chocolate, during that time of month. I can't remember the last time I went without chocolate during my period. I guess it is kind of weird that I have this fear that if I don't have chocolate during my period, it will do me harm. I doubt it will. I will just have to be sure to load up on the nutrients it provides, in other forms.

Another side effect to quitting coffee has been the changes I have noticed in my hair texture. Will have to keep an eye on that, as I'm not sure what's going on there.

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