14 November 2013

Day 10 of coffee detox.

This coffee detox, while I've made it past the week mark and am well into my second week, I guess it's getting harder for me to stick to the topic of coffee. Since I have removed it from my repertoire of items in which to indulge, my focus has turned to other things, like the guy at work, food that doesn't contain gluten, exercise, and condo hunting. Although I still crave it, like this morning in the shower I thought about how nice it would be to have a morning cup, the urge is short-lived.

This morning I did an inventory check on myself to see how significant the changes have been in terms of my no coffee life versus the coffee-laden one, and must say I don't miss the snappiness, waking up in the middle of the night, and the heart palpitations. I have more energy in the morning and don't feel half-asleep during my hour long commute to work. It feels good not to have to rely on caffeine to bring on the alertness. Since I've cut it out, the alertness comes naturally.

My moods have improved as I don't feel as on guard as often and/or as short-fused. Also, I have only been waking up an hour early, compared to awakening just a few hours after going to bed and tossing and turning trying to abate my ever-heightening anxiety caused by being unable to experience restful sleep. Even though my anxiety hasn't left me, it is more tolerable. The panic I experience in the late afternoon at work still frustrates and overwhelms me at times, but it is still many notches lower than where it was with the coffee intake. Overall, I'm content with the improvements and do not have an intention of caving any time soon.

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