09 November 2013

Day 6 of coffee detox.

Although I have been off coffee for a total of six days, I feel like my postings these past two days have been more about what I have been going through having received the two thyrogen injections on Thursday and Friday of this week. Yesterday and the day before were really rough, in terms of me feeling physically worn down and unwell. I am in much better spirits this morning. However, I could you a nice cup of coffee. I'm not going there of course, but I am craving it. One thing I have noticed is the fact that it seems my cravings surface most when I am feeling emotional. So I guess you could say even though my mood has been elevated this morning, given that the drowsiness and overall sick feeling I was experiencing yesterday as well as the day before has dissipated somewhat, I am feeling quite emotional.

I feel like it's understandable given the circumstances and the time I have had to reflect on what is going on with my life. I'm feeling a bit anxious about moving to a new place, yet not knowing where I will end up, and the fact that I wish my decision on where to go were finalized when it is far from being so, triggers my anxiety. It feels like there are a lot of loose ends that must be tied up for me to get moving out of my current living situation. I know these things take time, however, so I need to be patient and just continue with my diligence in searching, once I have had adequate rest from my treatment. This year's treatment is so different than last year, it seems. I feel much more restless, and yet also I experienced nausea this time around, which was a new symptom of the thyrogen, as well as more of a flu-like feeling of crappiness combined with exhaustion.

I felt the urge to laze around Thurs and Fri, yet wanted nothing more than to get outside and play around, exercise, or just go shopping. I have this desire to do anything that requires me to be active, yet I'm lacking a bit in strength right now, and I'm listening to my body which seems to be telling me to take a break until next week. The bright side is, I at least may look forward to stretching my legs on a stroll outdoors, or going to the mall to look around, when I feel a bit more energized next week. I feel so happy that I have finally made it to the sixth day without having surrendered to my coffee habit. I'm not as irritable and snappy, though I still feel anxious at times. As far as my third day of gluten, the skin rash on my face seems to be fading a bit. My digestive system seems to be working more smoothly as well, as I had mentioned in a previous post.

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