11 November 2013

End of thyrogen, on to better things.

Okay, so it's day 8 of the detox, but my main purpose for posting today is the fact that I'm done with my thyrogen testing, finally! I'm soooo excited right now to be done with the injections and blood work. It seems I underestimated how taxing this treatment would be. Given that the final component of the treatment (labs) were completed today, I can finally turn my focus to those things that bring me pleasure, like reading, exercising, going out (walking, shopping), etc. I literally have been fantasizing about biking, even though I usually have no motivation to exercise as of late. Having undergone this treatment has renewed my vigor to get out and about and to work on getting in shape. My anxiety since undergoing this treatment, along with the other side effects, have made it difficult for me to concentrate and do much. I spent most of my time perusing the internet. The amount of time I spend online is directly proportionate to how bad I feel. I spent a lot of time online, so that sums up my state of being Thursday through today. This is understandable considering the treatment side-effects, however.

I did get out to go to the library on Thursday but felt very ill and stayed for a very brief period before collapsing with weakness upon returning home. Saturday, I attended a monthly meetup group event, and Sunday I went to church, so at least I did not stayed holed up at home the entire time. The treatment involved appointments Thursday and Friday of last week along with blood work today. Today, aside from getting my labs done, I made it halfway through a novel and avoided the internet altogether until now. I wanted a break from the computer (and all technological devices) before starting my work week. With the final item checked off the thyrogen testing to-do list, I feel a bit of relief and am actually excited to get back into my daily routine. May the healing process begin (or continue).

I am suffering from a bit of a headache as of right now, and still not feeling fully recuperated, which is to be expected. Still tired, but it's eased up somewhat. The adrenaline is flowing for sure, given that I'm able to check off the final item of the thyrogen testing to-do list. Having just completed the blood work component of my treatment today, I am not sure if the thyrogen has completed dissipated from my system, but each day that passes, I look forward to improving and getting back on track. It is so bizarre to me that today is Monday. My time clock is totally off kilter right now. It feels like a Friday. I don't recall ever having taken off a similar sequence of work days (Thurs, Fri, Mon), nor have I ever felt the sort of excitement I currently feel, to return to work. I am truly happy to be able to get back in the swing of things, mostly to get my mind out of 'treatment mode' for a bit and to be able to be active rather than just laze around and not do much. My goal this week is definitely to mind my emotions and physical symptoms so as to aid myself in my recovery and to not let my needs fly by the wayside, as commonly occurs once I enter my fast-placed work mode. Another goal: to have fun and get outside.

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