29 November 2013

Facebook friends..um, not.

As a continuation of my last post, so I messaged my friend several hours ago sarcastically thanking him for deleting my posts (After sending the message, on impulse I deleted him from my friends list. Acting impulsively has seemed to serve me right as of late, so I thought why the heck not?) Then I compulsively checked my FB page for the next four hours, mostly awaiting his response. Funny how if I don't respond to him right away when he contacts me, he'll continue to contact me obsessively to solicit a response as soon as possible, yet I have to just deal with his casual placing me on the back burner and making me an afterthought. He writes me back stating that my posts were not relevant to the topic at hand. He thought they were more appropriate for a private message, and he intended to talk this over by phone the next time we talked. Is this for real? So you're going to censor me, of all places, on facebook? Then you want to have an in-depth discussion about my posting to your wall or timeline or whatever? What happened to being playful and appreciating spontaneity? What happened to your sense of humor, your ability to lighten up and have fun? It's freaking facebook. It's not that serious. In fact, it's not serious at all. Something else that just got serious however, is your over analysis of stupid ish like what I post on your timeline in good fun, and your desire to have a detailed discussion about it.

This facebook experience over the past few days has really opened my eyes, for starters, to this so-called friend's major insecurity issues. He's got 500+ friends and shows up as a friend of nearly anyone who pops up on my screen. The fact that he has more than 500 virtual friends, yet doesn't get out much, is very telling in terms of how he views himself. I actually feel pity for him because he has so many virtual friends and hardly any real ones. I would rather be real and post comments on a whim and not give a crap about what the 500 hundred virtual friends think, because they're not real friends nor do they matter in the real sense.

As for my facebook friends, I currently have three total after ditching this insecure one. Currently, I am contemplating deleting two of the remaining three as one of them was suggested by the aforementioned person and his posts don't do anything but annoy me, and the other one is someone with whom I was friends with during my college years, yet we drifted apart, and despite trying to reconnect since having joined facebook, she's not that responsive. All in all, there's only one facebook friend whose posts make me laugh and who I could see hanging out with, in the real world. That person is actually one of the only reasons I'm giving this thing a chance, to see if other connections could potentially be rekindled or created, not in the artificial sense, but as an addendum to my reality. I'm all about being real, and if someone can't accept that and decides my posts aren't good enough for his FB page, he can move along. Keep the facade going with your facebook friends. See what that does for your life.

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