08 November 2013

Day 4 of coffee detox.

Yesterday was day 4 of the coffee detox. Due to feeling lethargic and out of it, not so much a result of the detox, but due to other health-related reasons (ie. thyrogen injection #1 and first day period), I was not able to post last night about the day's experience (as I was worn down to the max and ended up spending the late hours chatting w/my bestie which gave me a much needed boost and took me away from the madness going on in my life right now), but thought I would catch up this morning, before another 'fun' day of thyrogen #2.

I did notice that mostly yesterday in the morning hours, I had a yearning for coffee and it persisted as I sat in the waiting room for my doctor's appointment. However, given my determination to persist with the detox, with this blog being one of the reasons pushing me to continue, I maintained my vow to not give into temptation. Posting about my progress on a daily basis has encouraged me to keep on and to not just give up as I have many times before. The blog itself is therefore a motivating factor for me. It helps me organize my thoughts and stay focused in terms of my purpose for continuing onward with this journey to a caffeine-free existence. I'm obviously not just giving up coffee for the sake of it. No ma'am, I am no martyr. I'm just looking for freedom from the chains to which I am confined by caffeine. The energy crashing, the anxiety skyrocketing, the addiction, I want to be free from these effects.

In addition to the morning coffee craving, I later in the evening last night felt tempted to have chocolate, particularly given the way I was feeling as a result of having received my first thyrogen injection (ie. nauseous, lethargic, and somewhat irritable). It was that feeling that 'I deserve just a bit of chocolate, I've been through a lot' that almost had me going for the chocolate chip cookies with reckless abandon. However, in my mind I went back to the reasons that I intend to stick with this caffeine-free diet. I don't want to do a repeat of last week's failed trial or the former week's attempt. I want to press forward and keep this thing moving at a steady pace. I've been doing so well thus far. Four days coffee free is a feat, however few days that may seem to some. Each day I make it without, is a small victory. I know I'm capable of getting past these cravings. They're just cravings, after all. They don't constitute an actual need other than to get a caffeine fix, from which it's difficult to detach myself the instant I become hooked again, at first sip. I'm trying to load up on other healthy fats and nutritious foods to make up for the benefits of caffeine and chocolate. Keeping focused on what I can have versus what I cannot, is the goal.

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