28 November 2011

This weather is beautiful.

Today is such a wonderful day, weather-wise. The sun is shining and our windows are open, which is extremely unusual for the third to last day of November. It's amazing what some sunlight and warmth can do to your mood. I feel so uplifted and happy, and as though I can take on the world. I feel even more fortunate because I don't have work today, wahoo. This week I'm taking advantage of some vaca-time. Given the weather, it doesn't feel so bad that I am not in California or Arizona, basking in all the sun's glory. The best part about days like today is feeling uplifted and motivated to do what needs to be done. Some tasks get put on the backburner until I'm in the mood to get moving. When it's warm out, I'm game to accomplish anything. I think the only obstacle is the computer, ironically, as once I start to peruse the internet, my motivation does begin to wane a bit and I lose focus. I should probably give myself time limits when on the internet (ie. one hour max at a time) so that I don't waste the whole day looking around and not accomplishing much other than reading others' blogs and researching anything hair, food, or skin-related. As it's early in the day and I definitely want to truly experience and enjoy the rest of it, this requires that I remove myself from this computer sooner rather than later, so peace out for now!

Goals for today:
- Pay bills
- Get an oil change
- Go shopping for necessities
- Meditate outside
- Potentially go to the gym and/or do yoga

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