27 November 2011

Embrace your hair by wearing it DOWN.

For the next twenty-nine days, I am going to wear my curly hair completely down. I am allowing myself to use bobby pins for styling purposes, but no clips or elastic bands. This is definitely going to be a challenge for me, considering I am regularly inclined to tie it up once it dries. The primary reason I have for tying it up while at work is that it looks more professional.

However, I am doing away with this notion because after further consideration, I think my hair does not look unprofessional (pardon the double negative) when down. Sure it's frizzy, but I think it is a pretty form of frizzy and I dare say super stylish. Just because I do not pile on product after product to smoothen, stretch, define, or modify the texture of my hair by any means, and my hair develops natural frizz, if you will, upon drying, this does not make my hair any less appealing or attractive.

Today was the first day of this challenge and I am proud to say I succeeded in going out in public and resisting the urge to tie my hair up. I was certainly tempted to do so after about one or two hours had passed and I had touched my hair a few too many times. I thought people might give me funny looks as the frizziness began to increase, but had no such misfortune. The strange part is that I found that on the whole, I received more positive attention than I do when I wear my hair tied up and/or tamed. Hmm, something to think about.

The reason I am engaging in this challenge, which I hereby declare 'the hair-down happiness project,' is to liberate myself from societal norms in terms of how hair should look. I certainly hold some fear in terms of how others perceive my hair down since it often has a mind of its own. That is why I am excited about this challenge. The goal is to dispel the fear and embrace my hair, frizziness and all, regardless of others' perceptions. I am gracious for my unique hair type and feel blessed to have a beautiful curly mane, and through this challenge I am going to show it off, with confidence, to the rest of the world. You never know, I just might bring the non-frizzy lovers over to the other side...

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