25 November 2011

Eat healthy after Thanksgiving

Yesterday was a wonderful day, food, family and all. My family and I were presented with a delectable smorgasbord that I could not resist, despite my conscientiousness when it comes to my health. When it comes to holidays and my family's traditions, and the turkey that my mom always so lovingly prepares (which tastes out of this world btw), I am a goner, and it's no holds barred in terms of my appetite.

However, in the days that follow, I try to scale back on my indulgent consumption to some extent. In thinking about how I can transition from the Thanksgiving feast mindset to a more health conscious one, without having to sacrifice taste, I conjured up images of the following creations:

- Cranberry and egg omelet / cranberry and egg wrap - I ate the wrap this morning and it was delish!

- Pumpkin pie oatmeal - Prepare some pumpkin pie using pumpkin puree, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, a sugar substitute (I prefer to use honey as a sweetner), etc.. Once it's baked and ready to serve, plop it on top of your oatmeal for some ooey gooey gobbly goodness.

- Cranberry, walnut, turkey wrap - sidenote: Lately, I've been using gluten-free brown rice wraps

- Turkey and avocado wrap - sidenote: I don't like wraps or anything...

- Sweet potato and/or white potato fries - Wash and cut potatoes, lather with evoo, as well as paprika and other scrumptious spices, bake, and enjoy!

These are just a few ideas to help you enjoy your favorite Thanksgiving foods in a healthful manner after the day of feasting is over. What is your favorite healthy post-Thanksgiving day meal or treat?

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