12 November 2011

Hair talk: If ACV doesn't work, you could always have a tea party!

If ACV doesn't seem to work for you in that it contributes to breakage, dryness, or irritates your skin, I have an idea. Okay, so it is not really my idea and I discovered an alternative when perusing the web, but if you interpreted the title of the post correctly, you guessed it: tea. I don't think it would matter which particular tea you use, however there are some differences. For instance, chamomile is known to have a lightening properties, while darker teas can have the opposite effect. For the purposes of my experiment, I used black tea. What it did for me: provided slip, added moisture, and upped the shine ante. I can personally say that for me it worked much more effectively than ACV. The effect ACV had on my hair: dryness, more breakage than usual, and skin irritation. It is not that I didn't dilute the ACV enough either, because I had diluted 1/2 tsp in greater than 8 ounces of water. I like tea rinsing much more given that the preparation is still simple and it doesn't irritate my incredibly sensitive skin or contribute to dryness and tangles  my worst enemies! Everyone's hair reacts differently to products, whether natural or otherwise, so similar results are never guaranteed. However, they are a possibility, which is why most of us self-proclaimed hair junkies keep experimenting away until we are satisfied with the results!

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