01 November 2011

I've stopped using shampoo.

It's official. I'm no longer using shampoo. Last Thursday night (10/27/11) marked the beginning of the end of poo for me. I have finally made a decision to quit cold turkey given the fact that my hair is desperate for moisture and every time I use shampoo, my hair becomes as dry as hay. Literally. With the winter now setting in, the dryness is only getting worse.

As I am opposed to purchasing chemical-laden conditioners or other products to superficially coat my hair, and I cannot use natural oils, such as coconut oil or almond oil, given that I have break-out prone skin, I have realized that no-poo is the only possible way to achieve the silky, shiny mane that I so desire.

I have been cutting down on the frequency with which I shampoo over the past month or so. Gradually, I have worked my way up to being able to go a week without shampooing and still look presentable, albeit it looks a bit waxy/greasy at the crown. I have used cocoa powder and oat flour on separate occasions in the past to conceal the greasy roots, but I am not using those this time. I have attempted using baking soda and acv rinses in the past as well. I'm not using them either.

This time around, my hair will be completely 'naked' for the duration of this experiment. I have been washing it with water only each day and combing/brushing the hair also. My goal is to make it at least 30 days. I realize it may take that much time, if not a bit longer, for the greasiness to dissipate and for the scalp to regulate itself, and this time around, I am going to persevere until the end. This is actually really exciting!

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