11 November 2011

"Stop and smell the roses."

How many of you are stressing about what needs to be done, today, tomorrow, or next week? My bet is that the majority of you spend a good bit of time sifting through myriad articles on the internet, looking for answers to questions that are constantly at the forefront of your mind. The internet has made finding those solutions that we are ever-seeking, so easy and convenient, that it is no wonder why we spent so much time engrossed in it, the hours swiftly escaping, unnoticed and regrettably never to be seen again.

Do you ever stop searching, thinking, or imagining, and instead turn your attention to the sound of the soothing buzz of the computer fan? What about the sound of the airplanes drifting overhead outside of the nearby window or the subtle voices in the adjacent room? Did you ever take notice of the sight of your fingers dancing on the keyboard or for that matter, do you make it a continual practice to 'stop and smell the roses' as they say, and truly focus on what is happening right now, in this very moment? You might be surprised at what you hear, see, smell, and ultimately feel, when you shift your mind to the present.

With increased concentration on how your body is feeling and what is going on in your immediate surroundings, you feel less encumbered by the weight of your worries. The judgment, anxiety, and other negative thoughts that burden your mind lessen in intensity as you turn your attention to the here and now, while a sense of serenity takes hold. It is a beautiful transition. However, it takes some getting used to, especially for those who tend to gravitate towards daydreaming, multi-tasking, or rushing around running errands. In all the chaos, the calm is there. In all the rubble of worriment, misgivings, and judgment, lies a sense of peace. When the weight of the world seems heavy, take a breath and really focus on the moment. You may just find some relief.

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