03 November 2011

Day 7 of my water-only hair experiment

Today is day seven, peeps! I made it an entire week without shampooing my hair. My roots are rather greasy, I must say, but it's not as unbearable as I had anticipated. What has definitely helped me thus far to conceal the greasiness is brushing my hair, so as to distribute the oils throughout the length of my hair so they don't just coat the scalp area. I have noticed that my hair looks better when it's down compared to when it's up, as when I have my hair tied back or in a clip, the greasiness is a bit more apparent on the top and sides of my head. However, I haven't worn it down to work because the back looks a bit dry/frizzy and hence, on the unprofessional side. The hope still remains that after about thirty days, the grease factor will subside and the oils will distribute evenly, so that the overall condition of my scalp will be much improved and my curls better defined all around. Cheers to not using chemicals or any moisture-stripping ingredients on my hair!

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