07 November 2011

Carob vs. Chocolate

So I tried carob the other night, for the very first time. The first time, that I know of anyway. I don't really recall seeing it listed as an ingredient in any of the foods I have consumed in the past, so I'm assuming I never ate it. I know "never assume, it makes an..." yadda yadda. However, I really don't believe I have ever eaten this stuff before.

Not too long ago, this item caught my aisle as I was walking down the baking preparation foods aisle. I saw carob chips and carob powder and I suddenly was intrigued. It seemed like a possible alternative to chocolate chips and cocoa powder, given the semblance between the two. This piqued my interest because I am always attempting to curtail my chocolate addiction; never successfully, but I try. I really do. I'm determined!

The next step was to go on the hunt for some information on the web. There were some rave reviews and others not so positive, which is to be expected. Overall, I felt confident that carob was the way to go, so I grabbed some while shopping yesterday and excitedly poured some in my milk before heating. I took a sip, and UGH, BLAH. No, no, no. Definitely, an unexpected flavor, for sure. I mixed in some honey to minimize the strong aftertaste; it was not exactly effective.

I thought it might be the powder form only that I disliked, so I grabbed some of the carob chips. If only you saw my expression upon chewing those! Afterward, I made some carob wafer-like frozen treats in a last ditch effort to develop an affininty for this foreign food; okay, so it's only foreign to me. I told you I was determined! I really wanted to make this work. Overall conclusion: I am not a fan of carob; chips, wafers, carob-milk and all did not satiate my palate in the least bit. The flavor was not a measurable substitute for chocolate in my opinion, dark chocolate, or otherwise. Even on its own merits, it failed to impress. I just didn't appreciate the taste.

Carry on as I may, with my head hung low (okay, not really), I remain intent upon overcoming my addiction to the forbidden food. If anyone knows of a suitable -- and equally delicious -- replacement that exists, please fill me in, or hook me up or whatever. This alternative, if it is out there somewhere, is elusive as can be.

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