29 November 2011

Quick tips for making your hair look its best.

Here are some quick tips which are easy to apply to your hair care ritual to improve the health and appearance of your hair. Make modifications as necessary, to suit your individual hair and scalp needs:

* Abstain from touching your hair and playing with it. Leave it alone for the most part, while it is drying and afterward. It is okay to style it early in the day before leaving the house, but after you have finished doing so, let it be. The more you touch it, the more frizziness will ensue. Also, touching the scalp area continually can cause greasiness as the oils from your hands transfer and mix with your scalp oils.

* Shampoo less. Shampoo, while beneficial in ridding your strands from dirt and grime and keeping your scalp healthy, tends to strip the hair of moisture. That is why less is more. Cut back by shampooing other every day. If you are able to decrease your shampooing frequency further, even better. Another way to cut back on dryness is to go sulfate-free when selecting a shampoo, as sulfates often contribute to dryness.

* Wear your hair loosely. Tight buns or tight pony tails, while stylish, can lead to breakage and subsequent fly-aways. If you wish to wear your hair up, using bobby pins rather than restrictive elastics can reduce or prevent potential breakage.

* Rinse your hair in cool water to seal the cuticle and enhance shine. Move over silicone-laden serums, hello cool hydration. Another way to improve the shine factor is to rinse your hair using tea. I use black tea and find that it works wonders.

* Avoid heat. Styling your hair with flat irons and blow dryers can dry or even completely fry your delicate strands. Believe it or not, there are methods to straighten your hair without subjecting your strands to the harmful damaging effects of heat. Check this video out.

* Use henna and/or other herbs (e.g. amla, shikakai, chamomile, rosemary) rather than chemical dyes.

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