14 December 2013

Skin issues. Potential causes. Paleo efforts.

Let's talk about skin. I have this cystic pimple in between my eyebrows right now and it hurts. Typically the pimples I get don't hurt, so this strikes me as a bit odd, but I can't say I have never had a pimple that didn't hurt, so I'm not that worried. What is more concerning is the flushing of my face. It's a noticeable flush and irritation. As I have gone paleo for about a week thus far (not strictly so, but for the most part), it is easier to pinpoint the source of this skin irritation. I've narrowed it down to the following potential culprits: supplements, tomatoes, or eggs.

The other day I had meatloaf, made of crushed tomatoes (and meat of course) and the following day, experienced facial flushing. Yet yesterday, I didn't have leftovers of that meal, but rather had vitamin D and magnesium supplements, and bam, facial flushing today. Not sure if it's the vitamin D, magnesium, or both, so this may require some trial and error testing, but tonight I will not be having them to see what tomorrow brings in terms of complexion status. I've been having loads of chocolate all week (part of the non strict paleo part since the chocolate brand I'm consuming does contain some sugar), yet haven't noticed major flushing until the days after I had the meatloaf and supplements. Eggs are another thought since they have been a staple as of late.

In sum, other than this disturbing zit in between my eyebrows and the facial rash I'm experiencing, my skin is pretty smooth and I feel that having not consumed gluten and/or dairy is benefiting me. Not giving up just yet. I do have to attend a company luncheon next week for the holiday (more on that later) in which it will not be possible to refrain from gluten and/or dairy, but plan on staying strong on the diet save the rare occasion in which it would be rude to not have non paleo food.

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