05 December 2013


Totally now have this fear that every single person for which I have searched on FB knows about it; in particular, that 'certain someone' who I had hoped would be on the back burner of my mind at this point but continues to linger in the forefront. The data pulled when entering a single letter on the search bar has officially started to creep me out, and then there's this idea that these people know when they've been searched because some of them are now appearing on my search bar at a higher ranking than, say, a few days ago, despite me not having logged in for over a day. Does this upward movement correlate to my checking of their page which in turn prompted them to check my page, or is it totally coincidental and merely indicative of my past previewing of their pages only?This should make for some awkward workplace encounters next week upon my return, should my intuition be correct in its assessment that these people know.

I did so well in avoiding entering a certain sequence of letters into the search bar, for the past two days, only to have caved today because a certain other facebook profile came up unexpectedly on my search bar of someone associated with the aforementioned certain someone, making it impossible (willpower wise) that I not enter the forbidden letters. Gah, this FB thing is totally not a good thing. The only positive is that it has spurred a few story ideas, and had I not ever searched for a certain someone in the first place, I would still be thinking there were a chance for he and I, which I now know not to be true. Pretty sure maintaining an active FB page is merely prolonging the agony of having been crushed by the work crush. #FacebookProbs

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