10 December 2013

An ode to coffee

I know coffee is in a way, a crutch of mine, at least for the time being. How do I know? I know this because I'm a bit too impatient for it, a bit too emphatic. I think about it far too often, like hours before bed, and of course every waking moment until I have an opportunity to seize that straw (yes, I drink it with a straw -- to prevent teeth stains, duh) and savor each morsel of a sip. Yes I wrote morsel of a sip. I wrote this to savor the memory of the savoring of each sip. I am getting way too deep with this topic, but I seriously cannot restrain myself. It's too good of a component of my life. As I drove to work today, several hours late given the weather conditions, mind you (heavy snow, slush, basically experiencing the aftermath of the morning storm),  I inched closer to my office and had an epiphany of some sort. My mind commanded me with its fervor in the following conviction: 'Why shouldn't I? Why should.. I.. not?,' My inner voice boomed.What else is there if not for coffee, to excite me, to enthrall me, to psych me into getting ish done that otherwise I would over analyze to the point of not being able to motivate myself to accomplish in the slightest (okay, maybe I would get around to doing what was necessary... but it would be painstaking... painstaking I tell you). Coffee is my saving grace. I love you coffee. I love you and can't wait to hold you in my arms tomorrow and bask in your warmth and mind stimulant glory. Okay, that last part... totally corny. Coffee lovers though get it... the drift is had. It's all in the drink. The java had me at first sip. The end.

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