03 December 2013

An ode to FB

Dear Facebook,

I hate you and I have every intention to deactivate you in the near future. The only reason I'm keeping you around is for the potential of future social connections, although the likelihood of such connections seems to be waning with each passing day. My hope for said connections is diminished (along with my self esteem) each time I log on to view mindless status updates on my news feed which I must say, are not funny nor entertaining. The ridiculously mind numbing news feed updates coupled with the lack of friend requests and/or incoming messages is enough to further validate my intention to remove myself from this isolating social media realm. What's the purpose of this site? The goal was to reconnect with old friends. Thus far, I've only had one halfhearted reconnection. Case in point. Unproductive and unnecessary. Life before facebook was better.

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