09 December 2013

Overcoming Analysis Paralysis

What I have realized is how much I over analyze and obsess over things that are complete. I need to move past re-reading and reviewing items already brought to conclusion. There's no sense. It's just madness.

Case in point:

Reviewing letters/emails more than once prior to sending

Analyzing letters/emails after having sent them

Obsessing that I made a fool out of myself and rehashing in my mind the ways in which I screwed up interactions [this occurs primarily in the workplace]

Detrimental effects to this over analysis:

It wastes time and is unproductive

It makes you feel crappy

Sets off anxiety

Diminishes one's self esteem

Lessons derived from such over analysis:

Be yourself [if others have a problem with it, that's not your problem; as long as you're not hurting anyone, you're good], we're not perfect, what's done is done [be content with past activity, or at least accept it for what it is and don't dwell on what you deem to be negative components of the past], there's a reason they say, Let Bygones be Bygones

Spend time on more important matters, like the present moment

Let go [free yourself of the past to appreciate what's in front of you]

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