20 October 2011

Rihanna's latest music video/film: profound to say the least.

The much anticipated "We found Love" video has finally been released and Rihanna fans everywhere may now rejoice. I have watched it a few times and am rather impressed with the various metaphors embedded within. I think the unadulterated drug aspect is shocking at first. It is surprising and definitely caught me off guard; not what I had expected at all. However, when I watched it a few times and went beyond the surface, I started to uncover the underlying meanings and was impressed with the overall artistic quality. My interpretation is that the drugs symbolize the ecstasy that one experiences when in love or when we delude ourselves into thinking we are in love when it is merely an illusion. Then there's the rainbow-colored vomit which might symbolize the bliss that one blindly experiences in the midst of a chaotic but seemingly happy union between two people. I also like the symbols that the "mine" and the "yours" provoke. One might argue that the video glamorizes violence, drugs, and unhealthy relationships, but I think it is a work of art centered on the illusions of what is 'love.'

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