18 October 2011

30 day chocolate-free challenge

I consider myself a chocoholic for sure. Chocolate is one of my absolute favorite foods and I consume it daily. I don't deny that dark chocolate, my chocolate of choice, has many health benefits, including the fact that it contains antioxidants and it serves as a mood-booster. However, the major downside in my case is the fact that it makes my face flush the day after eating it.

I have been tested for a chocolate allergy previously and fortunately, the results were negative. However, I told the doctor that chocolate seemed to induce flushing and inflammation and he advised me that while I may not have an allergy, I may have an intolerance, which is the reason for the skin reaction.

Clearly I haven't considered the flushing grave enough to avoid chocolate up to this point. However, the flushing is a bit of a nuisance and does make me self-conscious. That is part of the reason why I'm motivated to initiate this challenge. I also am excited to see if there is any other noticeable impact on my overall complexion and health once the challenge is complete.

The question remains, can I do it? I tried this challenge before an lasted about a week before I caved. I think if I just keep in mind the positive impact it will have on my skin, I may make it. We shall find out. Today is day #1...............

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