15 October 2011

NYC fun, here I come!

I'm taking two day trips to NYC this week and thus, am in full-planning mode right now. The truth is, I'm more of the whimsical type when it comes to traveling, and I'd prefer to allow someone else to do the planning while I merely relax and enjoy the ride. However, this time I'm the one planning the itinerary. I feel it's something I need to do for myself; to map out where I'm going and go ahead and explore. I've actually been dreaming up this venture for quite some time. I've visited "the City" before but wasn't as passionate about what it had to offer as I am now. I'm older and wise and now more purposeful with regard to what I hope to take from this experience. I want to revel in the vibrant culture, diversity, and european flair and reflect on its brilliance.

Getting back to the planning aspect, I must admit that I'm getting a bit antsy as the formal plan yas yet to be formulated. The fact that I have T minus two days to prepare gives you an idea of how dire the situation is. However, I know what I need to do now is get down to brass taxes and plan ahead so as to ensure that I have enough time to see as many beautiful sites as possible. My mom will be accompanying me and I already know it's going to be fun times! So far, the list of my definite must-sees (& dos) includes:

1. 9/11 Memorial

2. High Line Park

3. Central Park / John Lennon Memorial

4. Battery Park

5. Staten Island Ferry / Statue of Liberty / Manhattan Skyline

6. Little Italy

7. Greenwich Village

8. Brooklyn - not sure specifically which spots in Brooklyn but I'm definitely heading over there!

9. SoHo

10. 5th Avenue

I'm so excited. Once the plan is fully executed, I'll come back to report on the details. For now, feel free to share with regard to your short-excursion experiences. If you've ever planned a day trip to NYC before, even better! Any tips? What did you find most memorable? Where are the best places to eat? There are so many good-eats to choose from, it's insane. Help me out if you will.

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