13 October 2011

5th day shampoo-less

Today was the fifth day of my no-shampoo experiment. I woke up, showered (water-only on the hair), and got dressed and went to work as usual. I dabbed a bit of oat flour on my roots once my hair was dry and wore my hair in a half-up half-down style and I was good to go. To be honest, I loved the way my hair looked today. I'm actually surprised that it looked as good as it did. It looked very moisturized and not greasy or unkempt.

I felt like I might be able to actually make it an entire week and not have to use shampoo until this Saturday. However, then I realized that I have two pimples forming, both near my hairline. One is situated in the temple area of my face and the other is near the upper left side of my forehead. I kinda freaked out inside a bit when I noticed these pimples because they are rather large in size, compared to the random small zit that I'll get on occasion.

I'm not sure if they resulted from the oils from my scalp or from remnants of the oat flour. Maybe they aren't at all related to not having washed my hair for the past five days. I can't be absolutely certain as to the cause. However, I was worried that the oat flour, no-shampoo combination might be the culprit. Therefore, I caved tonight and shampooed my hair.

I made sure to use a lot of shampoo too, to get rid of any oat flour build-up. I will say that the texture of my strands felt rather silky and smooth as I was coating them with shampoo. It oddly felt like I had used conditioner. That led me to think that my natural oils really did work their magic in adding moisture back into my strands. I'm pretty pleased about that.

I'm definitely going to hesitate with regard to using oat flour in the near future on my scalp, as I'm not sure if it's best for me, given that it's possible it led to my breaking out a bit. There is a strong likelihood that I will continue to shampoo much less, given the positive effect it's had with regard to reducing dryness. I just need to figure out to keep the oiliness at bay in a non-comedogenic manner. Any ideas?

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