16 October 2011

The importance of combing your hair

I used to comb my hair only when it was wet, with a wide-tooth comb. I know that hair is naturally delicate when wet and therefore, more susceptible to breakage. However, this did not deter me from combing it while showering as I was convinced that the alternative was more detrimental. I thought that combing my hair while dry would contribute to more breakage and that there was no point in doing so, other than to create an afro-like effect. If only I had recognized there were alternative brushes to be used, I may have felt differently.

Recently, I watched a Youtube video in which this woman used a paddle-brush to comb through her hair to wrap it and straighten it, without using heat. I loved her idea and wanted desperately to try out the technique, so I went out and bought a paddle brush similar to the one she had used.

I'll save my hair-wrapping experience for another rainy day, but the point is, I got my hands on a paddle brush for the first time in a very long time. To make a long story short, I used this paddle brush on my dry hair one time, and was pleasantly surprised with the sensation and the effect. It felt very soothing to my scalp, for starters. Also, I expected it to be more of a struggle when working the brush through my hair, but the hair actually detangled rather easily. Ever since I started using the paddle brush, I have not looked back. I have been very pleased with the outcome of brushing through my dry hair each night and will continue to reap the following benefits:

1. It's a way to massage your scalp and stimulate healthy sebum production.

2. It untangles your hair, which makes it easier to style and comb through the following day.

3. It distributes the natural oils from your scalp through the length of your hair, so that the dryer sections of your hair become naturally moisturized.

4. It feels good.

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