15 October 2011

Cocoa powder as a hair styling product

It's getting colder out and I'm definitely not feeling this weather, so today I'm wrapped in a blanket on my couch writing this post for all the hair junkies out there, who want to try a more natural, chemical-free method when styling your hair. Cocoa powder is the topic of choice today. I wanted to tell everyone that I dabbed some cocoa powder on my roots last week, when I hadn't washed my hair, and found the results to be note-worthy. I used it as a substitute for commercial dry shampoo. I guess it really wouldn't technically qualify as a "dry shampoo" given that it doesn't cleanse the hair. Therefore, a more appropriate description would be: hair powder. It's perfect, particularly when your hair is unwashed and needs a quick pick-me-up. Here's my DIY recipe:

Step 1: Ensure your hair is completely dry.

Step 2: Part your hair. You can part it in various sections or just part it in the middle. Along the part-line, dab the cocoa powder. You can use as much as you'd like.

Step 3: If you have curly hair like mine, you can kind of scrunch your hair and pump up your roots with your hand.

End result: Less oily roots and cool "dirty" hair.

I think using cocoa powder creates a cool effect. In my opinion, the added benefits to using cocoa powder instead of commercial styling products are as follows:

1) The scent is delightful and won't irritate the sinuses of those who are particularly fragrance-sensitive

2) In contrast to most dry shampoos on the market, it does not create a white cast on the roots, but rather a chesnut brown colored tone, which is easily concealed if you have dark brown hair like mine

3) It's cheap

4) It's natural (so natural that it's safe to eat; how often can you say that about your styling products?)

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