27 July 2013

Meditation update.

I can’t believe I meditated each day this week. It doesn’t feel like I did. I mean, it feels like I did in that I notice subtle changes in my state of being—meaning, I’m less anxious, less uptight, and more able to cope with certain things that would ordinarily overwhelm me and put me in a state of sheer panic and misery. However, whereas before I kept track of the time by setting an alarm, I now just wing it, doing it when the urge strikes, or on weekdays, doing it before work, and I just do it for as long as I can, and that’s it. Therefore, one day I meditated for about twenty minutes while the following day I meditated for maybe five, and another day I meditated for about ten minutes. By not putting restrictions on when, where, and how I meditate, by not trying to do anything, but just allowing myself to meditate when I desire to do so, but at least making somewhat of an effort in making sure I make the time for it, no matter how minimal that time frame is, once per day, I’m making more progress than before and I’m actually finding myself enjoying the process. Just sitting there and allowing my thoughts to settle without focusing on time, and when the alarm is going to sound, has helped. It’s better for me to just do it when possible without restrictions.

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