06 July 2013

You're like 22 girls in one...

So, I'm obsessed with John Mayer's latest hit, Paper Doll, with the Prancercise lady starring in the video. This song and video combination could not be more metaphoric, which I love. It truly has me sitting here with my mouth agape. I'm in awe. The video immediately struck me as a parody of Taylor Swift. Ms. Prancercise successfully mimics Swift's mannerisms. The fact that the Prancercise lady is oblivious to the connection is even more meaningful. The lines read by the Prancercise lady in the beginning of the video symbolize the fact that she's a naive girl. She's even wearing an outfit suited to Swift's style. There's an innocence conveyed through each of her steps. Her moves are conservative and lady-like, however she gravely errs on the side of silliness. This makes the rest of us scoff and judge the overt ridiculousness of her actions.

It's quite the mockery of how Swift is and how she dances to the tune of life. She dances to a much different tune than reality. The underlying message screams: you are too fairy-tale like, too far up in the clouds in delusion, to understand the meaning of true depth, of true romance and love. You couldn't handle heels. The heels represent Mayer. Flats, on the other hand, define Swift. The song is a rebuttal if you will to Dear John, aimed at Mayer by Swift. I love the line 'you're like 22 girls in one' where he lingers on the last world, 'and none of them know what they're running from,' he continues, lingering yet again, his voice so soft and romantic, his choice of lyric so eloquent. He's saying she's no different than the masses, contrary to her intrinsic belief that she's so special. He equates her mindset to that of 22 girls.

In fact, she doesn't know what she's doing in the game of love. She hasn't a clue. This is what he means by 'Was it just to far to fall?' He was much to heavy for her, and she could not handle someone like him. She is unable to distinguish love between a casual fling. She deemed their relationship more serious than it truly was in reality. She has so many ideas, as far fetched as ever, with regard to relationships in general. The bottom line is that Ms. Swift has about as much depth as a paper doll. Even the melody and the bouncy, giddy beat create a vision of the Paper Doll that is Taylor Swift being carried away in the wind, her fragile self torn apart, unable to withstand even the most natural of elements.

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