04 July 2013

Stubborn people.

What makes a person stubborn? They are unwilling to budge by any means. They cannot and will not see the light, despite being supplied with ample evidence to alter their viewpoint. They stand by one perspective and one perspective alone, at all costs.

Better not to judge and let them have their way, rather than try to expand their mind, as the saying is right in that you can 'lead a horse to water but thou cannot make that horse drink.' Nevertheless, it's still unsettling to deal with someone who remains firmly planted in their corner of ill-reasoning when there's adequate evidence available to counter their position. It's as simple as them refusing to see the light.

The worst is when I'm feeling passionate about something. Yes, this includes those files I handle at work. I'm passionate because I care about doing the right thing. It makes me frustrated when someone sets forth unreasonable demands and won't accept the reality that what they are requesting is just that: unreasonable.

When it comes to health and well-being, I also go at it no holds barred. Take a conversation I had today with a family member regarding her husband's stress level being elevated due to his work situation. When I offered that meditation might be of benefit, she rejected the idea outright. Had she not insulted the idea, I would have let it go, but she scoffed at it, which stoked the fire within me and I became a bit defensive and more persistent in my suggestion that it would help, if he tried an alternate method of meditation. Towards the conclusion of this semi-debate, she then indicated he used to be able to relieve his stress by gardening, but was no longer able to engage in such a task since suffering a back injury. It was then that I suggested he try the next best thing, sit in nature. She wasn't having it, I could tell. She then stated they would be following the doctor's orders. Well, do as you wish, I thought, but when I got off the phone, I felt like the conversation was so unresolved. It was as though she couldn't deal with any ideas outside of the realm of medical science, or outside of her own narrow-minded perspective, for that matter. This woman thinks she is an expert in every respect and always counters everything anyone says.

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