11 July 2013

Today was horrific.

Today started out good, really good, actually. It was Thursday. Generally speaking, I like Thursdays as what's there not to like about the second to last day of the week? However, I failed to set my alarm last night, which is a new one, given that I'm super particular about my alarm and often check it at least once or twice to ensure it's set, before I get into bed. Lately, I've been forgetting things. Take last night, for instance. I left the broccoli slaw out on the counter and it was not discovered until several hours later. Earlier this week, I put underwear on... twice. No lie. I was standing in front of my dresser having just gotten out of the shower in the morning. It half made me laugh, half made me wonder what I was thinking, as I removed the second pair. 'Did I really just do that?'

In the last week, I left salad dressing out on the counter and at one point put it in the cupboard instead of returning it to the fridge. I placed something that was supposed to go in the cupboard in the freezer. Having failed to set my alarm and double check it last night before bed is yet another example of my forgetfulness lately, and is out of character for me. I'm not quite sure what is causing this. It's not really worrying me. I will admit I get a good laugh upon realizing my mistakes in instances such as these. However, I'm definitely noticing the recurring pattern. Being the type-A person that I am who double-checks nearly everything, just hitting the pillow last night without a second thought as to whether or not my alarm was set, strikes me as strange. I can only attribute such anomalies to the fact that I was coming down from the stress of the work week and was either so relaxed and carefree in those moments, causing me to inadvertently slip up, or my mind was too busy in analytical overdrive that I failed to heed the demands of the present moment.

Anyway, I got off the beaten trail. The purpose of this post was to focus on how horrific my day was, at work that is. In the afternoon, there was a pressing matter I was attending to, entrenched in analyzing medical records, when my phone started to ring, and ring, and ring. My phone was blowing up basically and I sat there in such dismay, trying to continue forward with the task at hand but when the phone just keeps ringing, I anticipate doom. It annoyed me because whoever was calling thought their matter so urgent that they would call over and over in an effort to greedily solicit a response. This type of behavior unnerves me. If someone doesn't take my call and the matter is urgent, I leave a freaking message and await a return call in a reasonable time frame, say a day or two. I don't call over and over, in essence demanding that the recipient attend to my concerns at my beckon call, totally disregarding their responsibilities. I'm not going to divert my attention from an extremely detailed pursuit that requires focus and analytical thought, consequently scrambling to help someone who isn't dying. If it's a true emergency, call 911. Seriously. Why such calls infuriate me even further is if such an impatient individual calls my boss, he'll inevitably berate me and pressure me to respond immediately. People who lack patience annoy me. Bosses who don't support employees who work hard and are undeservedly pushed by nagging clients to be at their beckon call annoy me more.

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