11 June 2013

Quick chocolate fix in the form of hot cocoa.

Tonight I was on a mission to get my hands on chocolate. Initially, my sights were set on a chocolate bar. However, I didn't have the energy to drive out to the store to get one. It dawned on me that I could make my own chocolate bar, but I wasn't in the mood for that either. Then I considered making the same chocolate bites I made last night. However, the fact that they took forever to make, yet yielded such a minimal amount of 'bites,' led me to balk at that idea. Finally, I settled on making hot cocoa. This seemed to meet all of my criteria for a good-quality chocolate treat that would satisfy. For starters, the recipe I used doesn't contain any added sugar (other than honey, which is by contrast natural and healthy) nor does it contain soy lecithin. Factor in the fact also that it is ready in five minutes and doesn't require a trip to the store as the ingredients are almost always on hand, and I’m hooked. Minimalist ingredients, flavorful, and in the form of a drink (ie. more time to savor the delectable chocolate)… need I continue? Here's the recipe for all you chocolate fiends like me who might not be in the mood to get out the bowls, blender, and myriad utensils (and later endure the clean-up of said kitchen supplies) but simply, want chocolate now. We all need our fix. This is my new remedy.

Quick Hot Cocoa Delight:


1 cup water

1 tbsp cocoa powder

1 tsp honey

dash salt

dash cinnamon

optional: pinch of cayenne pepper, ground flax meal, sesame seeds


Heat water, add above ingredients, enjoy!

I should also mention this may just make the cut to replace my morning coffee. It's the perfect combination of rich, smooth chocolate with a subtle sweetness.  My best description: coffee in a chocolate suit. For more reasons to indulge in this super tasty and easily-prepared drink, research the health benefits of cocoa and honey. Here's to keepin' it real and all natural up in here, chocolate-style.

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