08 June 2013

Fragrance be damned.

Fragrance is something that affects me in a very big and very bad way. Headaches, heart fluttering, asthma, coughing, the whole works, are caused by the myriad chemicals that compose this pesky ingredient. I, along with numerous others, suffer from a combination of these symptoms when exposed to any sort of fragrance. If I could send the world a message, it would be to avoid it at all costs, as by using it, you are doing a disservice to your health as well as those around you, including your pets. The book, Get a Whiff of This, Perfumes (fragrances), the Invisible Chemical Poisons, will open your eyes to the evils of fragrance and I highly recommend reading it so as to enlighten yourself in regards to the dangers of using any product with the listed ingredient 'fragrance,' 'perfume,' or any other derivative of the word. These products are carcinogenic. Choose fragrance-free.

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