09 June 2013

Giving up coffee is hard.

Last night, when I was in my caffeine-induced anger mode, I made a vow to not drink it this morning. However, as expected, my willpower weakened as I wiped the sleepers from my eyes and considered the fact that I deserved some, especially given that I return to work tomorrow after a three-day weekend. Work sucks. Coffee is bittersweet and as I'm enjoying my java, the prospect of returning to work does not seem all that dismal. Not only is the taste so rich and wonderfully soothing, but it wakes you up and motivates you to get going. Then, there's the fact that it has health benefits, such as preventing diabetes and other diseases. How can one say no to this delectable treat with so many positive qualities? 

The reason I wish to at least wean myself off of this drink is the fact that it increases my anxiety and makes me moody; these side effects are most prominent several hours after drinking it. The most I consume is 16 oz. per day. This is after a few years hiatus of drinking coffee, if not for the rare occasion. It was only a month or so ago that I reasoned I wanted some, and there was no stopping me after that first long-overdue sip. It is now that it is becoming clear as to why I gave up drinking consistently several years ago. It must be that I am super sensitive to caffeine. Hopefully, one day I will develop a tolerance for it so I can enjoy my beloved cup of cafe (accent on the e). Until then, I will try to wean myself off of it, until I get back to only having it from time to time, rather than depending on it.


  1. Yes we can share many things with the cup of coffee. I like coffee very much . Kopi Luwak is my favorite one. It is thick like chocolate.


    1. Well I have never tried that one, but as I'm a chocolate fiend I may have to check it out.