23 February 2013

Happenings & H Pylori.

So it's been almost two weeks (tomorrow will mark 2 wks to the day) since I began the GAPS diet, in a slightly modified form. The first week I was recovering from a cold so I was eating a lot of chicken broth but now I'm just sticking to the basic principles. A few days I had some grains, but these caused stomach upset so I backed off and am back to eliminating grains and eating only those foods on the full GAPS diet list. Had it not been for H Pylori I would not have committed to eating only those foods allowed on full GAPS, because it is a bit restrictive and takes some time to adapt, but I'm at the point where I don't crave sugar (save honey) and that is a major accomplishment for me. Occasionally, I'll crave bread or gluten in some form, but I have figured out a way to move past these cravings, while satiating my appetite. My staples are definitely meat, fruit, vegetables, coconut flour cookies/bread, and coconut oil. I've been taking coconut oil at 3 tsp in warm/hot water each evening as apparently this is supposed to help fight the bacteria, and I'm hoping it does the trick. I'm optimistic. I tried probiotics for about three days a week ago and quit taking those as they weren't sitting too well with me. I may try again in the future, but for now I'm sticking with GAPS and the coconut oil to try to combat the infection.

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