10 September 2011

Milk and Menstruation

At varying points in college and high school, I had irregular periods. In an attempt to regulate my fluctuating menstrual cycle, I went on the pill. I was a freshman in college when on the pill and used it for a total of 6 months. It seemed to be an easy solution. My periods came and went like clockwork and as an added benefit, my acne subsided greatly. The downside of using the pill, for me, was the fact that my moods were affected. Given that I was concerned about the long-term effects that the pill might have on me health-wise, I elected to discontinue using it and to pursue more holistic remedies.

What has helped regulate my period better than any drug ever did, is milk. Whole milk (sans hormones), is my milk of choice. I remember researching solutions online and uncovering a post by a woman who claimed that drinking whole milk and eating other full-fat dairy products (e.g. chocolate, yogurt) helped to regulate her cycle.

At the time that I had discovered this online posting, I was on a dairy-free diet. I had grown up drinking skim-milk but gave it up after reading that it contributed to acne.

Something about the online post advocating the usage of milk to induce a period, struck a chord with me. It seemed like an inexpensive and unharmful suggestion. It got me thinking. I recalled that when drinking skim-milk regularly in high school and college, my periods were more frequent.

To make a long story short, I researched the benefits of whole milk and read that it helped regulate hormones and improve fertility. I decided to experiment with the milk method myself and sure enough, one glass per day for about 3 weeks did the trick. I did of course supplement the milk with a healthy dose of dark chocolate to make the experiment all the more sweeter. I continue to drink whole milk (I prefer the Trader Joe's brand above others) and find that it works like a charm.

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