18 September 2011

DIY Hair Conditioner: MAYO

I have spent a considerable amount of time scouring the internet and local health food stores for a conditioner to adequately moisten my coarse, curly locks and not cause irritation to my skin or scalp. Given my chemical sensitivities, I have been limited to a narrow selection of products. I have been disappointed with each fragrance-free conditioner with which I have experimented for various reasons. Some are not moisturizing enough and actually exacerbate the underlying dryness. Others have resulted in skin irritation.  Ultimately, I have concluded that mayonnaise is far superior to any other conventional conditioner.

Mayo works like a charm in terms of supplying my hair with the moisture it craves and it improves the texture of my hair once dried (think soft, touchable, and shiny). As an added benefit, it is inexpensive, non-irritating, and easy to apply.

DIY instructions:

1) Place a tablespoon or two of mayo in a small cup.

2) Apply the mayo to individual strands of hair. Avoid applying it to the roots of your hair, which contain enough oil as is.

3) Rinse with cold water so as not to "cook" the egg in your hair.

4) Voila. Shiny hair.

If I want to merely detangle and condition my hair as quickly as possible, I bring the cup of mayo into the shower and apply it after shampooing. I let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing.

In the event that my hair requires a deep moisturizing mask, I apply the mayo to dry hair, cover my head with a plastic bag (or shower cap), and let it sit for 20-30 minutes before rinsing.

For henna-lovers out there, I also found mayo to be useful in terms of removing tiny particles of dried henna.

There you have it. I am forever a mayo conditioner convert.

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