25 March 2016

withdrawal is a nasty thing, but very useful to understand.

Had a terrible bout of withdrawal (from caffeine, etc) last night and this was not a pleasant experience in the least. I was depressed and anxious and very lethargic all day. It all came to a head in the evening, and I was really upset. Took me a while to get to sleep finally, after all was said and done.

This is just a reminder to myself as to why caffeine and I do not mix well. Felt like I went to hell and back, and I'm finally leveling off, and my spirit feels somewhat better today.

It doesn't help that I spent all day yesterday on the computer, save for a walk outside in the late afternoon and a trip to the gym to lift weights in the evening. However, I really had to push myself to do those activities as I felt awful.

Today, I feel a bit more optimistic and less weighted down by that which I felt yesterday. While I do still feel tired, I feel a bit more energetic.

After last night though, I really need to lay off the chocolate, because the day after is just the worst.

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