21 March 2016

Don't let people get you down, and if they try, get back up and keep kicking.

This is a motivational post for those having a rough go. Sound similar? I know, I posted something like this yesterday. What can I say? I'm feeling Gandi. More like Winston Churchill, or basically anyone who has ever recommended letting go of those who let you go or walk away from you, disappoint you, push you out the door.

Don't let it get you down, any of it. Keep striving for what you hope to achieve in this life.

Sometimes, especially in times like now, I start to question everything and wonder who is this person inside of me? Can I truly do it? Can I accomplish what I always hoped to accomplish? Well, yes. I believe I can, and so should you.

If you will yourself to do anything, it can and will happen. It's all a learning experience.

Sure, this is a bit jumbled since I'm not outright specifying what it is exactly has occurred to me that is causing me to invoke this pep talk. Well, let's just say things in life haven't exactly transpired as planned, or as I envisioned exactly, but I can understand why what has happened has happened. I am learning from the distant and recent past. I'm on a path of realization.

The one main point I hope to convey is if something has happened of what appears to be negative consequence, look closer and you shall find the truth.

There was a wise person who said: ignoring the facts does not change the facts. I apologize for not giving this person due credit in the form of a name and if anyone knows who said this, please tell me and I will properly credit the individual by name. There is another wise individual who said we only find the truth by searching internally.

I believe both of the above quotes to be profoundly enlightening. Such is true and I find time and time again when I go into escapist or avoidance mode, I in essence, stunt my growth and understanding. When I search externally and look to others for guidance and advice in terms of life situations and how to deal, I remain at a distance from the truth.

As I stood in the shower today, I realized that it's possible to look at only one facet of an issue and miss the full picture. So I encourage you to look within and carve out the whole, and you will thereby achieve truth, understand the facts, and experience a sense of understanding and peace. Just try it.

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