05 January 2013

Regulating your cycle the natural way.

Scratch my earlier post about how drinking dairy helped to regulate my period. Sure, that worked, but it wasn't full-proof. I needed to drink it consistently, and having to consume dairy on a regular basis was not sitting well with me, in part because it was too regimented. I wanted to eat/drink dairy when I felt so inclined, not out of need. You feel me? Furthermore, I just wasn't buying the fact that my body needed milk every day for my period to arrive on schedule. Thinking that I needed the same thing (milk) each day for "x" amount of years was a bit daunting and just didn't feel right.

In seeking a more balanced approach, I conducted what I refer to as "research" online (ie. through all random sorts of googling) and in the process, uncovered two items of importance: that I am a vata person (in ayurvedic terms) and that I have a cold uterus in need of warming (in traditional chinese medicine terms). You're probably thinking this sounds crazy but trust me, it led me to an "aha" type moment.

You see, I was eating cold foods in the winter (ie. cold salads/fruits/water, you name it) and not thinking twice about how this could have a potential impact on my cycle. There I was sitting in my car during my lunch break in the fall, shivering while eating a huge bowl of salad. As I'm a thin person with cold hands (characteristics of a "vata" type person) with an erratic menstrual cycle (characteristics of a "cold uterus"), these are the principles I followed to warm the uterus, and (crosses fingers), my period has been like clockwork ever since (sept, oct, nov, dec, jan):

1) Consume warming foods/drinks (as per traditional chinese medicine and also, temperature-wise).
    e.g. Drink warm water with cinnamon, eat dried fruit such as dates.

2) Avoid cold/raw foods.

3) Ensure the abdominal area and feet are warm at all times. (Wear enough layers in the winter to ensure the stomach area is not exposed to cold drafts, and do not go without socks, ever.)

4) Use a heating pad on your feet and lower back.

5) Practice yoga (the most beneficial poses for menstruation in my opinion are: cat, cow, corpse, downward dog, and reclining bound angle).
   Tip: You can do reclining bound angle for a few minutes in your bed, before sleep.

6) Take walks or do some form of exercise. (ie. get off your buns and move)
    This is especially important to keep in mind if you're an office worker like me and tend to lose track of time while sitting at your desk.... no excuses; make the time, for your health.

7) Get outdoors, in the sun preferably. (Don't be afraid to take walks in the fresh air even in cold weather, being sure to bundle up. Even though it is sometimes difficult to get motivated in the cold months to take a stroll outdoors, it feels good once you get going.)

Disclaimer: Everybody is different and what works for one person may very well be ineffective for another. Also, I am not a doctor, so take what I write with a grain of salt and don't hold me to any particular outcome. My opinions and experiences should not be misconstrued as medical advice and no action should be taken based solely on the contents of this website. Consult with a medical professional for advice on any matters pertaining to your health and well being.

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