22 January 2013


Oh how I love thee. You encompass my mind in the week before my period. Hence, why I’m craving you so intensely as of late. I wonder if it’s the fact that my body is in need of magnesium, or some other mineral or vitamin or whatever. I read an article today that stated that the body needs fat, hence the chocolate craving. I didn’t realize that chocolate equates to fat. I am pretty thin however, so the author of that article may be on to something. Perhaps it’s the melee I feel after satiating myself with dozens upon dozens of chocolate chips; the emotional high it yields in the aftermath. Quite possibly it’s the sugar itself contained within the delectable chocolate pieces that trigger the craving. It seems when I eat a little bit of sugar one day, I’ll inevitably crave it the next day, and the cycle continues. However, I don’t like depriving myself of life’s luxuries and sugar is a luxury of which I have access, so why avoid it?

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