07 January 2012

The Bachelor, Jersey Shore, Real Housewives, Oh My!

Those are my three favorite shows, in no particular order. Why do I watch them? Oh, I don't know. To traverse vicariously through the lives of the characters? Perhaps. To revel at "the audacity" of their actions and to analyze their every move? Yep. It's fun! ::shrugs shoulder and smirks coyly:: After a grueling day at work, I have a penchant for resting my weary bones on the couch, and tuning in to the boob tube, mindlessly but with good intention. What better way to reduce stress than to revel in some drama and relax the mind, all the while laughing like a banshee at the ridiculousness that defines reality television? I get a kick out of these shows, and in my humble opinion, they certainly drive home the following important points: a) don't be catty as it makes you look unattractive, [sidenote: I think Brandi from Real Housewives of BH is the only authentically non-catty Houswife out of all of the castmates] b) getting drunk continually leads to serious problems; that is, with friends, significant others, and the po-po and c) what is thought to be true love, just might not be, so be sure to think with your head and not just your ... heart. 

I don't think it's wrong to get a good ol' dose of some "reality" via the tube. I will say though, that the premiere of "Joisy Shore" was rather disappointing this week given that it seemed like the drama level was at an all-time low, and the previews for the rest of the season also seemed dismal.  I am pretty much over the whole Snooki-Jionni-Mike love triangle. The Bachelor, on the other hand, seemed to revive itself a bit from last season's storyline, which was bo-ring, to say the least. Ashley and her long line of seemingly disinterested suitors got old quickly. Don't ask me why, but Ben seems to really possess something that the women this season find quite enticing. It's as though he's the last scrap of food on earth. It seems a bit crazy that the ratio of women is an estimated 30:1. That's bound to invoke some histeria, no? The previews really foreshadowed some serious distress among the ladies in upcoming weeks. Exciting! Anyway, that's my take on these drama-laden reality shows. They may not make they world turn, but they surely keep you entertained and are a nice break from the mundane.

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